Cross Lutheran Church ELCA

30 Days of Thankfulness

Scarcity and fear surround us. So often we think, "I don't have enough, I'm not enough, we aren't enough." This mindset leads us to hold on tightly to what we have, so that we don't lose it. We're afraid to take risks because we don't think we can afford any losses. We don't allow ourselves to experience joy as we're too busy preparing for the next bad thing. 

At Cross, we believe that Jesus came to free us from fear. His love is overflowing- more than enough- for all. There's nothing about God that isn't enough. God calls us to open up our hands and hold loosely to what we have. We're called to live in bravery- taking risks for the sake of joining God's work to bring healing, hope, and welcome to all the world. Trusting in God makes room for joy.

How do we get to that place of joy? We gather as a worshipping community to meet this God of abundance- this wildly radical God who leaves heaven to search us out and love us. We experience God loving us through the sacraments. We learn, we pray, we serve, we are community together. We do things that open us up to God with us.

This November, we cultivate gratitude. We grow in thankfulness, which turns us towards the One who gifts us with all things, who opens us to joy. 

Think, pray, share your gratitude. 

Daily prompts:

1. Family

2. Friend

3. Connections

4. Warmth

5. Security

6. Home

7. Food

8. Surprise

9. Hope

10. Faith

11. Love

12. Joy

13. Nature

14. Helper

15. Health

16. Tool

17. Work

18. Purpose

19. Lesson

20. Connection

21. Sight

22. Sound

23. Touch

24. Taste

25. Ability

26. Art

27. Freedom

28. Grace

29. Commitment

30. Memory