Cross Lutheran Church ELCA

Endowment Fund

We are blessed with many blessings.  Our resources, money, possessions and talents are intended to be shared, not kept to ourselves.  We trust God will care and provide for us, finding ways for us to give to others so that they may be blessed as well.

A Mission Endowment fund is intended to provide an opportunity for congregations and its members to provide for people beyond themselves.  These gifts outlive us, and continue to spread God’s blessings to future generations.

In May, 2011, through donations from members, Cross established the Mission Endowment Fund of Cross Lutheran Church.

Since the establishment of the Endowment we are happy to report that we have been able to donate to several ministries such as the Ixonia Food Pantry, Lutheran World Relief, Bread and Roses, Village of Hope(Haiti), Lutherdale Bible Camp, and the Kikatiti Secondary school in Tanzania.