Cross Lutheran Church ELCA


Church Picnic at the Park

At Cross we are all about fellowship. As called through the Holy Spirit, we give our talents and we give our time.

We pride ourselves in being in relationships with Christ, but also being in relationships with one another.

At Cross you will find many ways and times we experience fellowship. Coffee hour every other Sunday after service with our Mt Meru coffee along with juice and goodies is one popular way to meet people and catch up with everyone.

Pot Lucks are often at Cross, with everyone sharing their favorite dishes or desserts. We gather for bonfires, bible studies, movie night, sledding parties, fundraisers, car washes, ice fishing and even Spring clean up, are just a few of the things we ALL do to together. Their are many ways for people to get involved and experience fellowship at Cross. The time we share together as God's children doing God's work is truly fellowship.