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Memories from Vacation Bible School 2015:

Bible Scavenger Hunt
Bible Scavenger Hunt
Praising and Dancing for Opening Worship
Naming our Gifts
Creating Animals - God Created Everything Good!
Are All Our Members Important?
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* I hereby agree to hold Cross and Zion Lutheran Churches and any or all representatives from any harm or liability that could arise out of my or my child's participation in the 2016 VBS Program. I further authorize that emergency treatment may be administered to my child by licensed emergency medical technicians or by licensed health care providers in the event that my child is injured and I cannot by reached. Yes will constitute a signature of consent.
* I give Cross and Zion Lutheran Churches permission to use photographs of my child(ren) on website, Facebook, and other publications.

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You may pay your $5/child or $10/family program fee upon arrival. This is a suggested donation; we want you and your kids to be able to participate, so it is not required.

If you have additional questions, please contact the offices of Cross at 920-474-7242 or Zion at 920-474-7234

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