Cross Lutheran Church ELCA


Confirmation 2021

Confirmation or “Affirmation of Baptism”

This is a special time of preparation for a more mature and committed life of faith. If you were baptized as an infant, parents and sponsors promised to help you grow in faith by bringing you to church, teaching you to read the Bible, pray, and serve your neighbor. Now you’re old enough to make sure you do these things on your own! Confirmation is a time to practice and learn on your own, to start habits of faith that will continue for your whole life, and to have a safe place to ask questions!

We’re heading towards a goal of “Affirmation of Baptism” when we will pray for God’s spirit to be with you and you will promise to do your best to live a Christian life of discipleship.

We’ll develop faith habits through Spiritual Practices, Worship Participation/Leadership, Service and Relationship. We'll explore the Bible and integrate the great story in our lives. Plan on a fun retreat at Lutherdale Bible Camp!

2022 Confirmation Classes

7th/8th Grade Confirmation Class

In this interactive class, we'll be exploring the Bible, meeting our ancestors in faith. Like us, they have their struggles and moments of faithfulness. Like us, God doesn't give up on them. Like them, we are called into lives of faith. Join us as we talk, read, create, write, move, and watch hilarious videos from Sparkhouse's Ancestors curriculum.